Prezza Has a New Summer Menu

Chef Anthony Caturano will be reeling in the daily special from his boat.


Prezza chef and owner Anthony Caturano. Photo provided

Starting today, Prezza in the North End is introducing a new summer menu that includes seasonal returns and some interesting newcomers. Chef and owner Anthony Caturano is bringing back favorites such as his potato gnocchi with lobster and fava beans and appetizers like roasted figs wrapped in prosciutto.This new menu will also feature soft shell crab, burrata with English peas, and a fish stew made with swordfish, lobster, and squid, all in a savory lobster broth.

Something particularly unique this summer season is the striped bass special served with white beans, guanciale, and braised cherry tomatoes. What separates this from other whole fish presentations around town is that Caturano will be catching the bass himself. The chef, who is an avid fisherman, applied for his commercial bass license last summer and now reels in the day’s catch from his boat, Tonno, which is docked in Gloucester Harbor.

Prezza Summer Menu


Soft Shell Crab – fennel, orange segments, cucumber, lemon aioli ($16)

Salumi Plate – lomo, coppa, sopressata, speck, roasted peppers, truffle pecorino, pickled mushrooms ($18)

Burrata – English peas, fava beans, pea tendrils, cherry tomatoes, mint ($16)

Roasted Figs – wrapped in prosciutto, gorgonzola, aged balsamic ($16) 

Zucchini Flowers – pancetta, polenta, roasted tomato ($16)

Clam Chowder – bacon mashed potato, fried clams ($15)


Handmade Pasta: 

Potato Gnocchi – lobster, amaro cream, fava beans, tarragon, pancetta, crushed hazelnuts ($18/$36)

Pea Ravioli – English peas, Jones ham, mint, mascarpone, parmigiano cheese ($17/$34)

Corn Raviolini – pancetta, corn, rock shrimp, white wine, garlic, butter, parmigiano cheese ($18/$36)



Fish Stew – lobster, swordfish, shrimps, clams, mussels, squid, lobster broth, toasted bread, saffron aioli ($38)

Cod Oreganata – rock shrimp, white wine, pea tendrils, fava beans, English peas ($28)

Roasted Wild Striped Bass – white beans, guanciale, braised cherry tomatoes  ($32)

Swordfish – tomato braised baby octopus, fregola, chili flake, lobster broth ($34)

Lamb Chops – broccoli rabe, pickled mousseron mushrooms, roasted potatoes  ($40)



Zeppoles – honey, salted walnuts  ($12)

Strawberry & Rhubarb Cobbler – vanilla bean ice cream ($12)


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