There’s a Sam Adams Flavored Cigar

Jim Koch has partnered with Ted's Cigars to create a stogie flavored with Sam Adams Brewlywed Ale.

samuel adams

Photo provided

On June 18, the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery held its annual “Brewlywed at the Brewery” where adventurous couples line up to get married in the Sam Adams hops garden alongside Jim Koch, playing the role of best man. It also marks the one-day release of its Brewlywed Belgian strong ale, made once a year in 200 case batches.

Koch took the wedding theme even further this year, partnering with Ted’s Cigars to make a limited-release cigar seasoned with Brewlywed Ale, “perfect for a groomsman gift.”

“Craft beer and cigars are a great match,” Koch says. “We’ve recently partnered with Ted’s Cigars to create first-of-their kind cigars aromatically seasoned with our beers, which has produced exciting results. Last fall with the release of our Samuel Adams Utopias, Samuel Adams and Ted’s created a cigar whose spicy, complex tobacco blend was nicely complemented by the rich maple and vanilla notes of our Utopias. And most recently we worked with Ted’s on a Brewlywed Ale-seasoned cigar that takes wedding gift giving to the next level and perfectly showcases the brew’s subtle spice notes and floral sweetness.”

The cigars are available throughout the summer (or until supplies run out) exclusively at