State Park Cambridge Now Serving Lunch

Barry Maiden is serving up chili dogs, watermelon, and a 'three martini lunch.'

state park

Photo by Chelsea Kyle

With the recent onslaught of warm weather, State Park in Cambridge has decided to lighten up their menu and introduce a weekday lunch service. Starting today, lunch will be available Tuesday through Friday starting at 11:30 a.m. and will run until State Park closes. Lunch offerings will be the same as their dinner menu, but the transition coincides with chef Barry Maiden’s decision to change-up his Southern-centric menu. Maiden has temporarily swapped out heavier entrees like his Snappy’s famous pork chop sandwich and Kentucky hot brown, coated in a steamy Mornay sauce. New dishes include a turkey BLT with fried green tomatoes; a breakfast biscuit with ham, egg, and red eye gravy; and a chili dog with coleslaw.

State Park will maintain a separate beverage menu for lunch, with non-alcoholic offerings like Dr. Pepper, cucumber lemonade, and a Luxardo cherry cola. The boozier side of the menu includes a cocktail with Campari and orange juice, a Milwaukee Bloody Mary (tons of garnishes and a beer chaser), and our favorite, the “three martini lunch,” priced at a cool $29.99.

State Park Menu

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