Munch Mobile Kitchen Set to Debut at Night Shift Brewery

Two industry vets want to bring 'elevated street food' to Boston.


Boston’s newest food truck is about to hit the streets. Munch Mobile Kitchen, an American bistro concept run by Justin Bucenec and Nathaniel Lawrence, is set to make its debut at Night Shift Brewing’s new taproom on July 5. Unlike most food trucks, which specialize in one particular theme or dish (i.e burgers or pizza), Munch is instead attempting to mobilize the restaurant experience, complete with a seasonal, locally sourced menu and a list of non-alcoholic cocktails.

“We want to have a more sophisticated menu for a food truck,” Bucenec says. “Everybody else is very to-the-point in what they’re doing. We’re trying to emulate a true restaurant with an American bistro style of cuisine. We’re sticking to the concept of elevated street food, such as what Roy Choi is doing in L.A.”

Both owners are industry vets, Bucenec recently a bartender at Masa and Lawrence a former executive chef at Lucca Back Bay. Lawrence’s culinary background is obvious on the rotating food menu, with summer specials such as his poutine with duck sausage and brie gravy, a braised oxtail panini with tangy gruyere, and chilled Maine lobster salad topped with an avocado mousse. Deviled eggs and a bruschetta offering will remain on the menu year-round with toppings swapped out based on what’s available seasonally. For the inaugural menu, the deviled eggs are garnished with duck chicharrones, while the bruschetta comes with heirloom tomatoes, queso fresco, Maldon sea salt, and a balsamic reduction.

Bucenec’s “mocktail” program is equally as ambitious with comparable, alcohol-free renditions of classic cocktails. Liqueurs such as Campari, Aperol, and Chartreuse are dehydrated into a crystallized powder, pulverized in a spice grinder, then rehydrated with water and sugar. House-made caramel replaces sweet vermouth and a juniper and peppercorn simple syrup is used in place of gini. Bucenec also utilizes an array of shrubs and citrus to emulate an Aperol Spritz, a Negroni, and other non-alcoholic drinks.

After their opening event on Saturday, Munch Mobile Kitchen will post a full street vending schedule with locations and hours on their website.


Deviled Eggs
Bruschetta: Rotating Selection
Poutine: Tempura pickled green beans, duck sausage, brie gravy
Wild Mushroom Sliders: Iggy’s brioche, beemster, brussels slaw, herb aioli
Braised Pork Tostada: Aged Vermont cheddar, radicchio, sriracha aioli
Caponata: Roasted veg w/ balsamic & evoo, poached calamari, roasted garlic, kalamata ciabatta
Chilled Maine Lobster Salad: Jalapeno cornbread, avocado mousse, bisque
Braised Oxtail Panini: Demi glace onion, gruyere


Strawberry & Rhubarb Shrub Soda
Ginger & Cardamom Shrub Soda
Campari & Soda: Replenished Campari, bubbles, orange zest
Negroni: Replenished Campari, carmelized juniper water
Aperol Spritz: Replenished Aperol, bubbles, lemon zest
Stunt Double: Replenished green Chartreuse, juniper water, ginger shrub, fresh lemon

July 5, noon-8 p.m., 87 Santilli Highway, Everett; 617-294-4233 or