Hot Cocktail Ingredient: Celery

The crudité standby has evolved beyond mere bloody-mary stirrer. Here are four ways the vegetable—and its intense, leafy cousin lovage—are adding a refreshing twist to drinks around town.

celery cocktail

Photo via EdsonHong1 / Flickr

Celery juice is frozen into large ice cubes at Nebo, which melt slowly to alter the flavor of the aptly named “Celery Elixir,” a blend of vodka, green Chartreuse, and lime juice.

Cold-processed celery simple syrup is combined with Żubrówka Bison Grass vodka and lemon juice to make the “Calypso” at Eastern Standard. 

At Deuxave, the celery-juice-infused libation dubbed “The Stalk Market” is finished with an elegant celery strip.

Joe Choiniere, bar manager at Ten Tables J.P., makes his own lovage bitters to pair with Old tom gin, lemon juice, and herbal génépi in a cocktail calld “Eutrope Gagnon.”