Hill Farmstead Undergoing Massive Expansion

Shaun Hill says increased production could mean wider distribution in New England.


Photo by Bob Montgomery/Facebook

Those long lines that accumulate at Hill Farmstead Brewery every Wednesday through Saturday could become a little less daunting in 2015. The popular Greensboro Bend, Vermont brewery, ranked number one in the world by Ratebeer.com in 2013 (number two in 2014) is currently undergoing an expansion that will double its current production.

Owner and brewmaster Shaun Hill said that he’s on pace to brew more than he ever has in 2014—3,000 barrels or approximately 93,000 gallons—but he still can’t keep up with demand. Most of that traffic comes from local Vermont residents and businesses, but a fair amount also comes from traveling beer tourists on the hunt for Hill’s highly decorated India pale ales and porters. With the new addition to his family’s property, along with an upgrade to 50HL fermenters, Hill said he’ll be able to produce 6,000 barrels a year moving forward.

Construction on the space will be completed by the end of September after which new brewing equipment will be delivered. Hill anticipates his expanded brewery will be operating at full capacity by February of 2015—something that could eventually lead to distribution outside of his home state.

“It could mean that [you’ll be able to purchase Hill Farmstead beers in other parts of New England]. Our foremost plan is to provide more beer to our current accounts in Vermont,” Hill says. “We will expand this footprint organically. The goal is to try and produce Abner (Double IPA) more often, as well as Everett (Porter), making those beers—along with Edward (pale ale)—year-round offerings. At this time, refining and more precisely executing the current lineup is of more import than constantly creating new flavors. I would prefer to produce less beers in a more consistent and well executed manner than to expand our portfolio.”

403 Hill Rd., Greensboro Bend, VT; 802-533-7450 or hillfarmstead.com.