Marquee Food Truck Collaborations This Week [Updated]

Stoked Pizza will feature original creations from The Bacon Truck, Fugu, and more.

stoked pizza

Fugu and Stoked collaborated on a pork belly and marinated mushroom pizza. Photo provided

Everyone has their food truck favorites around Boston: Mei Mei Street Kitchen’s scallion pancake sandwich known as The Double Awesome; Roxy’s Grilled Cheese’s Mighty Rib with barbecue braised beef and fontina cheese; Fugu’s pork belly baos; and The Bacon Truck’s Hangover sandwich with bacon hash and a fried egg.

Now imagine those in pizza form.

Starting next week, those culinary mashups become a reality as Boston’s favorite food trucks join forces with Stoked Wood Fired Pizza for five days of collaborative specialities. Every day, Stoked will feature two guest pizzas from other chefs, including a vegan taco pizza from The Taco Party; a Cuban pizza (braised pork, cheddar, pickles) from The Bacon Truck; a scallop and bacon pizza from Captain Marden’s; and some to be announced creations from The Dining Car and Makin’ Jamaican.

“This is what we naturally do behind the scenes,” says Stoked co-owner Toirm Miller. “We’re always goofing around at the commissary with everyone else’s mise en place. When we get bored on a slow or rainy day, we trade food with the other trucks. Every once in a while you jump in somebody else’s kitchen and play around with their ingredients.”

The idea first took hold a month ago after a long day at SoWa market. Fugu owner Bing Liu brought aboard pork belly, ham, marinated mushrooms, and pickled red onion, then promptly created an Asian-inspired pizza in Stoke’s 6,000-pound oven. Since then, other food truck owners have joined Miller and Scott Riebling, including The Bacon Truck’s Sam Williams. But what was once reserved for staff meals will finally be available to the public.

“I think the timing on this will be good because everybody is back in Boston and people are excited about the trucks again,” Miller says. “Right now I have six food trucks lined up and we’re trying to nail down the other four. I think it’ll create a little buzz and help showcase what the other food trucks are doing as well.”

In addition to the guest specials, Stoked will also be serving pizza from its regular menu. Below is a listing of Stoked Pizza’s locations for the week of Sept. 1-5:

Monday: High Street at The Greenway
Tuesday: Belvedere Street
Wednesday: Dewey Square
Thursday: Stuart Street
Friday: High Street at The Greenway

Stoked Pizza’s Guest Menu:

stoked menu