The Gallows to Open Blackbird Doughnuts in the South End

Details emerge about The Gallows new doughnut shop.

The Gallows

Donut breakfast sandwich at The Gallows. Photo by Chelsea Kyle.

For weeks now, The Gallows has been teasing out pictures, via a new Instagram account, of the worst kept secret in town. Namely, that they’re opening a new doughnut shop called Blackbird Doughnuts. Everything else about the gourmet doughnut shop has been well guarded, with representatives from The Gallows remaining tight-lipped on where and when those Chocolate Yeasted or Wild Maine Blueberry doughnuts would actually grace a storefront.

Now—thanks to some snooping and an awesome window display of three backlit doughnuts—we know that Blackbird will be at 492 Tremont Street in the strip center catty-corner to Picco. Blackbird Doughnuts has applied for a change of use permit and could be completely settled in the South End before the end of 2014, according to owner Rebecca Roth Gullo.

“We’ll just start with doughnuts and some really awesome coffee,” Roth Gullo says. “The space isn’t big enough for us to do anything crazy outside of that. People have asked me if we’ve jumped the shark with the whole doughnut thing. Doughnuts are timeless. If you read the history of them, they’ve been around for hundreds of years. There are mentions of fried dough in Biblical times. So, I’m not worried about jumping the shark. Besides, there’s plenty of room in Boston for good doughnuts.”