Boston Chefs Band Together to Fight Alzheimer’s

Catalyst chef William Kovel is rallying area chefs for his third annual 'Food for Thought' campaign.


Catalyst chef William Kovel, Moody Delicatessen’s Josh Smith, and other are teaming up with the Alzheimer’s Association. Photo provided

Catalyst chef and owner William Kovel will head up the third annual Alzheimer’s Association “Food for Thought” campaign from September 21-28. Commencing on Alzheimer’s Action Day—which was launched to help public awareness of Alzheimer’s disease—Kovel and some of his charitable chef friends will be donating proceeds from select dishes to the Alzheimer’s Association of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

This year’s “Food For Thought” participants include Chris Coombs (Deuxave), Dante de Magistris (Restaurant Dante and Il Casale), Jason Santos (Abby Lane and Back Bay Harry’s), Todd Winer (Pastoral), Joshua Smith (Moody’s Delicatessen), Robert Sisca (Bistro du Midi), and Brendan Pelley (Zebra’s Bistro), with many more expected to join over the next few weeks.

Between 5 and 11 p.m. at participating restaurants, you can order dishes such as Bistro du Midi’s escargot with toasted farro, Deuxave’s smoked corn tortellini with Peekytoe crab, or Pastoral’s signature pizza of the week, and all proceeds will go to the Massachusetts and New Hampshire chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Select restaurants include:

  • Abby Lane
  • Catalyst
  • Deuxave
  • Boston Chops
  • Moody’s Delicatessen
  • Back Bay Harry’s
  • Restaurant Dante
  • Zebra’s Bistro
  • Pastoral
  • Il Casale (both Belmont and Lexington locations)
  • Bistro Du Midi

Stay tuned for additional chefs and restaurants joining September’s “Food for Thought” campaign. More info at