Kings Bowl Rockets More Cheeseburgers Into Orbit

They're also giving away free burgers on Sept. 18, National Cheeseburger Day.

kings bowl

For the second year in a row, Kings Bowl is launching a burger into space. Photo provided

In 2013, Kings Bowl made history by launching the first cheeseburger into Earth’s outer orbit. This year, Kings will attempt to recreate that experience and document its entire four-hour voyage in celebration of “National Cheeseburger Day.”

The promotional stunt kicks off at 10 a.m. on September 5 with Woody, Kings’ giant bowling pin mascot, releasing a special impact resistant vessel into the ether. The cheeseburger pod, made of impact resistant polycarbonate panels, will rise up to 90,000 feet above the Earth, thanks to a 1200 gram Kaymont sounding balloon. Engineering tweaks this year include a 720 HD drift action camera—meant to capture the whole voyage—and a 56-inch parachute, which should aid in the burger’s descent.

“Last year we had a great launch, with the cheeseburger getting up there, but then drifting off course on the way down,” Engineer Justin Young says via a press release. “This year, we made a lot of changes in hopes to get the cheeseburger even higher and get even better footage of the launch.”

Unfortunately, last year’s cheeseburger, which was supposed to have been bronzed and hung as a trophy in Kings’ Boston bowling location, plummeted into the ocean outside of Cape Cod…in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Ba-dum-tshh!

Averting any unforeseen disaster, the intrepid cheeseburger will be available for photo ops and put on display at a Kings location upon its return.

Then on September 18, “National Cheeseburger Day,” Kings will celebrate their spacefaring ways by giving away free cheeseburgers at their locations in Boston, Dedham, and Lynnfield from 5 to 8 p.m.