Tatte Bakery Debuts Retail Bread Program

Now you can bring home some of Mike Geldhart's amazing baguettes and rolls.

tatte bakery

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Like you needed any more excuses to drop in on one of Tzurit Or’s four (soon to be five!) Tatte Bakery & Café locations. But starting today, Tatte will be selling a full range of in-house breads produced by pastry chef Mike Geldhart and his talented team of bakers. Selections will include rye, sunflower wheat, ciabatta, country sourdough, baguettes, demi-baguettes, country rolls, and more.

Geldhart’s bread program should be a great one. The pastry chef previously spent time as the head baker for Barbara Lynch Gruppo restaurants Sportello, Menton, and Drink. Prior to joining Tatte, Geldhart was also the pastry chef at Sel de la Terre and Will Gilson’s Puritan & Co.

1003 Beacon St., Brookline, 617-232-2200; 318 Third St., Cambridge, 617-354-4200; 205 Broadway St., Cambridge, 617-494-8700; 101 Main St., Cambridge, 617-577-1111; or tattebakery.com.