Rami’s Launching a Kosher Food Truck

The popular Brookline restaurant is now going mobile with a menu prepared under the supervision of an on-truck Mashgiach.

rami's food truck

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Next week, Ari Kendall and Matthew Pultman will roll out a kosher food truck with their mobile version of Rami’s. Kendall, a Le Cordon Bleu grad who recently worked at Barcelona Wine Bar in Brookline, and Pultman, founder of The Drop, were both longtime fans of Haim Cohen’s Israeli/Middle Eastern restaurant in Brookline. With Cohen’s permission, the two have licensed their truck under the Rami’s name and will be serving a streamlined version of the original Rami’s menu.

The “build your own” interactive menu allows diners to order a customized meal based around a choice of proteins: falafel, shawarma, kabob, grilled chicken, or schnitzel. Each is available on a choice of pita or plate and includes a wide range of vegetable and condiment toppings. Additional menu items include appetizers like Moroccan cigars; imported Israeli nectar drinks; a children’s menu with chicken fingers, hamburgers and hot dogs; and even bulk hummus available by the half- or full-pound. All food will be prepared under the supervision of a Mashgiach to insure everything is strictly Kosher.

The customized Rami’s truck incorporates some interesting new details such as two large TVs that display the full menu, a touchscreen point of sales system, a tablet installed below the service window that expedites credit card transactions, as well as online ordering available via the truck’s website.

Rami’s Food Truck is Glatt Kosher and thus, will not operate after 3 p.m. on Friday, Saturdays, or on most Jewish holidays. To stay up to date on Rami’s whereabouts, follow them on Twitter at @RamisFoodTruck.

Rami’s Food Truck Menu