Get a Beer ‘Happy Meal’ at Lord Hobo

The Cambridge bar is packaging pints, plastic toys, and sliders in their new 'Enjoyable Feast Box.'

lord hobo

Box photo via Lord Hobo/Box of Hops photo via Ithaca Beer Co.

Last year, Citizen Public House tapped into childhood nostalgia and a certain fast food chain’s iconic parcel of junk food and cheap plastic trinkets, as a fun way to dispense their cache of Old Rip Van Winkle whiskey. Now Lord Hobo, one of the city’s best beer bars, is taking a similar approach with their “Enjoyable Feast Box,” a kitschy way to promote a themed Ithaca beer night and future tap takeovers.

On January 28, Lord Hobo kicks off their first “Enjoyable Feast Box” night, with a box that will include a small burger, french fries, chicken nuggets, and a half pint of choice, all for $10. Ithaca Beer Co. beers available that evening will include Flower Power (IPA), Dark Vine (black IPA), Rustic Harvest (red rye IPA), and Creeker (double IPA).

Chef Nicholas Gardner says the toy prize in each box will be “intentionally crappy.”

“My assistant general manager and I are planning on heading to a shitty dollar store and dropping a hundred bucks on all of the crappiest ‘B’ and ‘C’ squad toys we can find. Again, just a little joke.”

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