Hot Topic: Drink Coffee Like an Aussie!

Australia's coffee culture is trending around town.

Slowly but surely, Australia’s caffeinating rituals have infiltrated Boston. Inspired by their Aussie honeymoon, in 2003 David and Jennifer House launched their roastery and retail chainlet, Flat Black Coffee Company, in Dorchester. Sydney native Todd Moore, meanwhile, opened Cuppacoffee near Hay market in 2013, and has another shop coming soon in the South End. Before the trend expands even further, familiarize yourself with two distinctly Australian ways to sip your brew.

Instead of a latte, try a…
Flat White

australian coffee

Lighter than a latte and less foamy than a cappuccino, the Flat White is all about the milk. “You’re not aerating the milk as heavily as in a latte or cappuccino,” Moore says. “It has a silky milk texture, instead of a bubbly mess.” Soon, the Flat White will be everywhere—Starbucks recently rolled out its version in U.S. stores.

Instead of an Americano, try a…
Long Black

australian coffee

Though frequently compared to the Americano, the Long Black packs more punch, thanks to a higher espresso-to-water ratio. “When you’re looking down at the drink, you’ll see the crema on the top, as opposed to it looking just like a coffee,” Moore says. Aussies tend to bump the octane level even higher with a second shot of espresso.