Dunkin’ Donuts to Introduce Bavarian Cream ‘Cronut’

Regular croissant doughnuts now a permanent item thanks to overwhelming demand.

dunkin' donuts boston kreme

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Apparently the faux-cronut business is going pretty well. Dunkin’ Donuts announced today that, due to overwhelming demand, their croissant doughnut will become a permanent fixture on its everyday bakery lineup. Introduced in November as a limited-time only menu item, the croissant/glazed doughnut mashup quickly became one of the brand’s most successful one-offs ever.

Somehow, presumably out of boredom or morbid curiosity, Dunkin’ Donuts has sold 8.5 million croissant doughnuts since its fall launch. Now the brand plans to push thing even further by drizzling its flaky exterior with chocolate icing and injecting it with Bavarian cream. Beginning this March, the Boston Kreme croissant donut will be given a trial run at participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations throughout Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey, before being given an official nationwide release. And Dunkin’ won’t stop there. Throughout 2015, the company plans to expand the croissant doughnut platform, offering guests all kinds of sugary variations.

“The croissant doughnut received an overwhelmingly positive response from our guests, and we are thrilled to make it a permanent menu item due to popular demand,” said John Costello, Dunkin’s President of Global Marketing and Innovation, via a press release. “With Dunkin’ Donuts’ unrivaled donut heritage, the croissant doughnut platform will allow us to bring even more new and exciting flavor options to our fans. I look forward to seeing what our culinary team comes up with.”