Pantry’s Chocolate Sphere Dessert Goes Viral

A whimsical, one-off Valentine's Day treat takes off, thanks to Facebook.


Photo provided

Inspired by a similar molten dessert at Bodega Negra in New York, and looking for a dramatic confection that emulated the opening of an engagement ring box, Pantry (located inside The Verve-Crowne Plaza Natick) chef Alastair Mclean crafted a Valentine’s Day dessert which has since taken the restaurant by storm.

Dubbed “The Chocolate Sphere,” the seven-inch globe of chocolate is equal parts theater and edible Russian nesting doll. Meant for a party of four, the sphere contains vanilla bean ice cream nestled over a chocolate lava cake. But it’s the presentation that has people buzzing. To reach the sweet treat inside, a server pours a carafe of buttered chocolate sauce over the globe, melting its upper hemisphere.

Intended as a one-time offering, Mclean introduced the dessert on Valentine’s Day and sold out almost immediately. Two days later, Pantry posted a clip of the Chocolate Sphere presentation on their Facebook page, and the video went viral. After three days, the clip has received over 100,000 views and the restaurant has been bombarded with requests for its return. So starting today, Mclean is making his hysteria-inducing dessert a regular part of Pantry’s menu.

Currently, the chef is only making 20 balls a night and each one must be reserved in advance, but he’s entertaining the idea of increasing production depending on demand. I you’re interested in witnessing the Chocolate Sphere experience, Pantry suggests making a reservation and calling ahead with a dessert request. In the meantime, behold the magic below.