Commonwealth Hosting Ping Pong Tournament

Irish whiskey will be flowing and prizes are on the line at Chef Nookie's first ping pong tourney.


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Chef Nookie Postal of Commonwealth is celebrating the pandemonium of March Madness, the raucousness of St. Patrick’s Day, and the collective relief surrounding The Great Snow Melt of 2015, with a Ping Pong Tournament for the ages. For a $25 admission fee, guests will receive one free drink, corned beef sliders, and other light snacks.

The Cambridge restaurant only has space for 64 contestants, so serious ping pong enthusiasts need only apply. Matches will be determined by best two out of three, with all games played to 11 points. The tournament will be single-elimination with “major prizes” on the line. So, all potential players are encouraged to not only bring their own cheerleading squad, but abstain from drinking too much of the West Cork Irish whiskey which will be flowing all afternoon.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Inner City Weightlifting, which uses fitness training as a tool to reduce violence and promote professional, personal, and academic achievement among Boston’s urban youth.

$25 per person, March 17, 2-6 p.m., Commonwealth Restaurant & Market, 11 Broad Canal Way, Cambridge; 617-945-7030 or