Where to Eat and Drink on Peterborough Street

The next time you head over to Fenway Park, skip the overpriced stadium dogs. Just two blocks away, the culinary mecca that is Peterborough Street offers seven global cuisines in one short stretch. Here’s your dish-by-dish guide to top-notch pregame dining.

peterborough street

Illustration by the Ellaphant in the Room

1. Swish Shabu *
Hot Pot

The list of broth and meat options is as long as the accompanying noodles at this sit-down hot-pot specialist. Fiery kimchi and rich Japanese tonkotsu broths amplify the flavor of tender pork and beef, while a generous pile of vegetables—including corn, taro root, and spinach—rounds out the meal.

86 Peterborough St., 617-236-0255, swish-shabu.com.

gyro sandwich

The loukaniko sandwich from Gyro City. / Photograph by Ruby Wallace-Ewing

2. Gyro City
Loukaniko Sandwich

For a welcome upgrade to the sausage and peppers up the street, try Gyro City’s grilled house-made loukaniko (pork sausage with leeks and bitter orange peel), which gets piled on a fluffy pita roll-up along with red onion, tomatoes, garlicky tzatziki, and crispy fries—yes, on the sandwich.

88 Peterborough St., 617-266-4976, gyrocity.com.


Saffron wings from Fiouna’s. / Photograph by Ruby Wallace-Ewing

3. Fiouna’s
Saffron Wings

At this Persian-fusion restaurant, skinless chicken wings sit in a saffon-laced marinade for a full day before they’re skewered and charred to order on the grill. Spicy and salty, they’re a refreshing twist on the Buffalo-sauced classic.

90 Peterborough St., 617-247-7717, fiouna.com.

4. El Pelón Taqueria
El Guapo Burrito

In the famed El Guapo burrito, grilled steak stars opposite fried plantains, with enough accoutrements—Mexican rice, black beans, Jack cheese, fire-roasted salsa, romaine, and crema—to knock out any hunger pangs.

92 Peterborough St., 617-262-9090, elpelon.com.


Thai doughnuts from Rod Dee 2. / Photograph by Ruby Wallace-Ewing

5. Rod Dee 2 Thai Cuisine
Thai Doughnuts

This local chainlet may offer up solid noodle dishes like kua gai and pad see ew, but the Thai-style doughnuts that follow are the real showstoppers—plated hot from the fryer, dusted lightly in sugar, and served with sweetened condensed milk on the side for dipping (did we mention it’s less than $7 for 10?).

94 Peterborough St., 617-859-0969, roddeethaicuisine.com.

6. Neighborhoods
Ricotta Romanza Crêpe

With some 17 varieties of sweet and savory crêpes available (plus a create-your-own option), this café is the ideal stop for a lighter, sweeter bite. The “Ricotta Romanza” crêpe, for example, comes slathered with ricotta, with just the right amount of tart raspberry sauce drizzled on top.

96 Peterborough St., 617-262-7700, neighborhoodscafe.com.

7. Thornton’s Fenway Bar and Grille *
Toasted Almond Ice Cream Cocktail

The bar snacks are surpassed by the libations here, which include frozen cocktails, margaritas, all manner of martinis, and alcoholic ice cream drinks. In the “Toasted Almond,” Amaretto and Kahlua are blended with vanilla ice cream for a nutty, creamy, boozy take on a frappe.

100 Peterborough St., 617-421-0104, thorntonsfenwaygrille.com.

* Booze available.