Post 390 Introduces Absinthe Service

This April, Post 390 hones the The Big Easy with gumbo, bread pudding, and a traditional Parisian-style absinthe setup.

post 390

Photo by Nick Webb/Flickr

As part of its Farm to Post initiative, Post 390 owner Chris Himmel, executive chef Eric Brennan, and sous chef Jonathan DeSoto, all went to The Big Easy (DeSoto’s hometown) to find the best products from Louisiana farms and fisheries to bring back to Boston. Inspired by that trip, the Downtown restaurant has crafted a special three-course tasting menu featuring New Orleans-inspired dishes like their crab and andouille gumbo served over dirty rice, pan fried catfish stuffed with oysters and tasso ham, and chicory bread pudding with praline ice cream.

In addition, beverage manager Jason Percival has introduced an elaborate absinth service modeled after Tony Seville’s Pirates Alley Café & Olde Absinthe House in the French Quarter. For $12 a person, the bartending team will bring over an ornate absinthe fountain, pour St. George Spirits’ Absinthe Verte (the first American absinthe released after the U.S. ban was lifted in 2007) over a sugar cube into a traditional absinthe glass, and set the sugar ablaze. Then while the fountain drips ice-cold water into the glass, diluting it and turning the tincture milky white, a bartender will guide guests through the history and high points of that most controversial of spirits.

All in all, the process takes about 10 minutes, but it’s well worth it to experience the same vintage Parisian-style absinthe service, which attracted everyone from Vincent Van Gogh to Ernest Hemingway in the early 19th century.

Post 390’s New Orleans Farm to Post is only available until the end of April, but when that happens, Percival will transfer his absinthe show to the everyday dessert menu.


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