Kirkland Tap & Trotter Debuts ‘Munchies and Movies’

Enjoy some of the biggest action classics with a tub of Tony Maws' complimentary barbecue popcorn.

kirkland tap & trotter

Bruce Lee photo via Flickr, Popcorn photo via Shutterstock, and Robocop photo via Flickr.

Kirkland Tap & Trotter is embracing it’s Somerville roots this spring with their new Munchies and Movies night. Starting this weekend, Tony Maws will host screenings of some of the biggest action classics like Robocop, Running Man, and come June, an all-Bruce Lee Marathon. Every Sunday, starting at 9 p.m., guests can settle in with a beer, complimentary barbecue popcorn, and snacks from the bar. And for those craving Maws’ crispy fried pork ribs or his grass-fed burger with kimchi Russian dressing, Kirkland will be serving its regular dinner menu until 10 p.m. See below for the full schedule.

April: Westerns
4/26 –The Quick and the Dead

May: Action
5/3 –Bloodsport
5/10 –Terminator 2
5/17 –Robocop
5/25 –Fifth Element
5/31 –Running Man

June: Bruce Lee
6/7 –Way of the Dragon
6/14 –Big Boss
6/21 –Game of Death
6/28 –True Legend

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