Justin Burke-Samson Embarks on Solo Pop-Up Series

Upscale Moon Pies, Sno Balls, and other classic confections take center stage in the pastry chef's latest venture

justin burke-samson


Pastry chef Justin Burke-Samson of Trademark Tarts and Party of Two (with Stephanie Cmar) is launching a new, nameless traveling pop-up series with themes that will change from year to year. The first venture will be called Modern Gramma, which will look at classic Americana breakfast food and famous pop culture confections like Ding Dongs and Moon Pies.

“My Gramma [Carole] was the first person to teach me how to cook and bake,” Burke-Samson said via a press release. “She passed away earlier this year and during that time I was trying to figure out what my next move would be. One day it clicked, I should do pop-ups professionally, and to honor my Gramma make the first series a dedication to her.”

This May and June, Burke-Samson will be teaming up with various guest chefs at Troy Boston(55 Traveler Street) to host five pop-ups broken down into three distinct formats: Modern Bakery, Dessert Tasting Cocktail Party, and Rooftop Brunch Party. The debut pop-up will take place on Mother’s Day, May 10, with variations on processed sweets and church desserts like Sno Balls, cookies, and cakes. The next two will take place on May 13 and 19 on Troy’s rooftop lounge. Called The Dessert Tasting Cocktail Party, the pop-ups will pay homage to 50s-era home cocktail parties with a four-course dessert tasting paired with drinks. Finally, Burke-Samson’s Rooftop Brunch Party, on May 30 (and another in early June), will be an interactive five-course brunch with retro cartoons playing in the background.

Follow Justin Burke-Samson on Twitter and Instagram for Modern Gramma pop-up announcements and locations.

$50 per person, May 13 at 7 p.m., 55 Traveler St., Boston; eventbrite.com. $50 per person, May 19 at 7 p.m.; eventbrite.com