Hops N Scotch Building Rooftop Deck

It'll be the first of its kind in Coolidge Corner.

hops n scotch

Photo courtesy of Hops N Scotch/Facebook

Thanks to Hops N Scotch owners Darren Tow and David Ng, Coolidge Corner might be getting its first rooftop bar. As was first reported by The Brookline Tab, the Zoning Board of Appeals recently approved Tow and Ng’s appeal for rooftop seating, which the two co-owners filed last year. The Hops N Scotch deck, which unfortunately wouldn’t open until the 2016 outdoor season, would include nine tables and 36 seats, all covered with umbrellas.

With its skinny sidewalks, there has always been a dearth of outdoor dining options in Brookline, something the two owners cited when discussing the impetus for their new patio. Hops N Scotch was able to procure a waiver for parking requirements due to the seasonality of the expansion—easily the biggest hurdle toward getting approval from the Zoning Board. According to the report, the deck will span across Hops N Scotch to Mint Julep’s roof, a boutique clothing store next door.

Hops N Scotch now has two locations, with its newest outlet opening earlier this month in Cambridge’s Inman Square.

1306 Beacon St., Brookline; 617-232-8808 or hopsnscotchbar.com.