Put Some Aloha in Your Lunch

Just in time for warmer climes, it seems, Hawaiian food has infiltrated Boston. Here, Sean Chen, co-owner of the new food truck Lilo’s Plates, breaks down three island classics that you can now find street-side.

lilo's plates

Spam musubi

Sliced and grilled Spam gets wrapped with seasoned rice and seaweed. “The combination sounds odd, but it’s delicious,” Chen says.

lilo's plates

Loco moco

A house-made hambagu patty (the Japanese answer to Salisbury steak) is served over a pile of sticky rice with a fried egg and plenty of gravy.

lilo's plates


Made with coconut juice and coconut milk, haupia is the Hawaiian equivalent of Jell-O—slightly creamier, but equally refreshing.

Illustrations by the Ellaphant in the room