Best of the Day: ‘Top Dog’ at Kirkland Tap & Trotter – June 1, 2015

Ken Oringer’s gourmet frankfurter debuts today at Tony Maws’s Somerville gastropub.

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kirkland tap and trotter

Photo via Kirkland Tap & Trotter

Sure, summer isn’t officially here for another few weeks. But now’s it’s June, so close enough. What better way to celebrate the season than to chow down on the apotheosis of summer food: the hot dog. And if you’re a fan of a fancier breed of hot dog, you’ll be in good company at Kirkland Tap & Trotter tonight.

Today marks the start of the restaurant’s “Top Dog” Mondays. KT&T has wowed us with its superlative burger, but chef Tony Maws professes to be “actually much more of a hot dog guy.” Previously, Maws showed his love for the overclocked sausage with “Hot Dog Mondays,” which featured his specialty pork-and-grass-fed-beef franks on house-baked pretzel buns slathered in artisanal condiments. “Top Dog” takes that a step further by offering a summer-long showcase of specialty dogs whipped up by guest chefs, which will be featured on the menu for $16 a pop every Monday from now till September.

For June 1, the spotlight is on the hot dog creation of chef Ken Oringer—the culinary muscle behind Clio, Uni, Toro, and Coppa—and he’ll be appearing at KT&T for its official debut.

While every dog has its day, these aren’t just any old hot dogs—and they’re not sticking around forever. Oringer’s will be available through June 22, followed by offerings from Matt Jennings, Karen Akunowicz, and Jody Adams.

June 1, Kirkland Tap & Trotter, 425 Washington St., Somerville; 857-259-6585 or