Narragansett Launches New Black Cherry Shandy

Lemonade is so last year.


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New England descended into a full-fledged shandy delirium last year when Narragansett teamed up with fellow Rhode Island outfit Del’s Lemonade and created one of the better examples of the refreshing beer/fruit juice hybrid. Now, this summer, the two companies are pushing things even further with a new cherry version that combines Narragansett’s classic lager with tart, all-natural black cherry juice.

Del’s Black Cherry Shandy is part of Narragansett’s “Hi Neighbor Mash Up,” a series of local collaborations that also includes beers like their seasonal coffee milk stout with Autocrat coffee syrup. To complement the release of Del’s Black Cherry Shandy, all of the Del’s Lemonade stands around Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts will offer black cherry frozen lemonade throughout the summer.

“Last summer, Narragansett Del’s Shandy took the country by storm and we wanted to build on that excitement,” said president of Narragansett Beer, Mark Hellendrung, via a press release. “With this year being Narragansett’s 125th anniversary, we were excited to create something truly special for Rhode Island with a fellow Ocean State institution by releasing our second flavor of Del’s Shandy available only in our home state for the time being.”

Even though ‘Gansett is limiting its initial rollout to Rhode Island, the company expects to begin distributing throughout the rest of New England later this summer. The 4.7 percent ABV black cherry shandy will be available in six packs of 16-ounce tallboy cans for $8.99-$9.99 during the months of June and July, or until the limited edition beer sells out.