Best of the Day: Tiki Night at Wink & Nod – July 20, 2015

Set sail for the South Seas on the good ship WinkTiki.

Welcome to Best of the Day, our daily recommendation for what to check out around town. If you do one thing in Boston today, consider this.

Wink & Nod

After a gorgeous July weekend spent frolicking on the Common and sipping daiquiris on a roofdeck, returning to your fluorescent-lit cubicle can be a real drag. While there’s no easy cure for the Monday grind, a little hair of the dog can make things a whole lot better. Especially when it comes in a festive tiki mug.

For that, you can depend on Wink & Nod. Over at our favorite South End neighborhood bar, every Monday night is Industry Tiki Night, featuring tiki drinks prepared by guest bartenders. Hawaiian shirts are optional (though highly recommended). So far this July, they’ve served up tiki drinks from Botanist Gin and Spring44 Distillery. For tonight’s South Seas-inspired libations, Highball Lounge’s Stephen Bookman is making a cameo appearance behind the bar.

While you’re there, don’t pass up the chance to check out their Akinto pop-up menu, which showcases flavors from Southeast Asia with bites like banh mi, kabayaki-glazed swordfish, and crispy eggplant with banana ketchup.

Wink & Nod, 3 Appleton St., Boston, 617-482-0117,