Belly Goes Gill to Tail

The wine bar's new 'Fin + Flipper' spin off takes the banquet theme seaward.

belly wine bar

Photograph by Angela Coppola

1. Grill-charred scallions over peppery romesco.
2. Deep-fried, semolina-dredged fish cheeks.
3. Crispy-skinned tilefish fillet.
4. Bone-in collar, grilled with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

As if Belly’s off-the-oaken-path vinos weren’t enough to keep us crushing on the Kendall Square wine bar, its meaty group feasts had us hooked from day one. Called “Arm + a Leg,” the series began in 2012 as a way to dabble in large-format cuts too unwieldy to offer without prebooked partakers. Since then, we’ve done ’em all: pork shoulder, spring lamb, roasted ducks (yep, plural). What we’ve never done is invite pescatarians along to witness the carnage. Until now. Belly’s new “Fin + Flipper” spin off takes the banquet theme seaward. For $78 per person, you and your crew get a platter of crudos, followed by sautéed clams and fish sausage. The finale: a monster “grand filet” cut from a 40-pound-plus tilefish, grilled skin on and served in one single, breathtaking swath. Bonus morsels include the deep-fried cheeks, plus a meaty collar bone ripe for the gnawing—a modicum of carnage even delicate ocean feeders can abide.

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