Pie Beta Kappa

Welcome to our edible honor society of campus-convenient pizza, as remembered by local chefs. —Sean McGowan and Michaela Quigley

boston campus pizza places

Scott Jones

Current: Menton | Alma mater: Harvard Medical School | Class: 2010

“In grad school we used to go to Penguin Pizza several times a week. They had the mug club—drink 100 different beers over a year, and get your own engraved mug. We did it in six months.”

boston campus pizza places

Marc Sheehan

Current: Loyal Nine | Alma mater: Holy Cross | Class: 2007

“Generally, my choices were based off of what menu had been pushed under the door when I came home late at night. Eventually, I settled on one place [Pizzeria Delight, in Worcester] that would also deliver pints of Ben & Jerry’s with their pizza. But that was many years, pizzas, Keystone Lights, and New York Super Fudge Chunks ago.”

boston campus pizza places

Asia Mei

Current: Moonshine 152 | Alma mater: Boston College | Class: 2003

“I had to try three days in a row before I was finally able to get a Galleria Umberto slice, after waiting in a wild line outside. Totally worth the wait—it practically blew my mind.”

boston campus pizza places

Mary Dumont

Current: Cultivar (forthcoming; formerly Harvest) | Alma mater: Simmons College | Class: 1994

“It was the early ’90s. Everybody always went to Manray to dance all night to the best New Wave music, then piled into HiFi Pizza for some much needed greasy slices, the Psychedelic Furs still ringing in our ears.”

boston campus pizza places

Tim Cushman

Current: O Ya, Hojoko | Alma mater: Berklee College of Music | Class: 1980

“After classes, we’d see shows at Bunratty’s, Jack’s, and the Rat, but always back to Little Steve’s Pizzeria for slices. It was a funky scene, funkier than it is now, and if you weren’t paying attention, a homeless guy would come in off the street and steal your slice.”

boston campus pizza places

Gordon Hamersley

Current: Hamersley’s Bistro (RIP) | Alma mater: Boston University | Class: 1974

“I ate at Boston House of Pizza [on Comm. Ave.] very often, as the food at West Campus was not good. My first Thanksgiving away from home, they actually made us a turkey pizza.”

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