Golden Girls Brunch Comes to Back Bay Harry’s

This “Super Fan” brunch pays tribute to TV Land’s favorite seniors with St. Olaf eggs, Sicilian hash, and—of course—cheesecake.

Golden Girls Brunch at Back Bay Harry's

Back Bay Harry’s hosts a Golden Girls brunch on August 16 / Courtesy photo

In a week that’s been rife with bewildering TV-crossovers—Okily Dokily, the Ned Flanders–inspired metal band? A Teletubbies/Die Antwoord mashup?—it turns out that we’ve got one right in our midst. And you can eat it.

This Sunday, Back Bay Harry’s wants to thank you for being a friend by hosting a Golden Girls brunch as part of their “Super Fan” brunch series (the same series that previously graced us with Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, and Britney brunches).

Tomorrow’s spread features such Golden Girls–themed fare as St. Olaf scrambled eggs and bacon and Sophia-approved peach turnovers. And, of course, they’re serving cheesecake—that ultimate dessert of Golden Girls catharsis. As the folks at Back Bay Harry’s point out, “Over 100 cheesecakes were consumed by the ladies during the taping of the show.”

The three-course brunch is $35 per person, with two seatings: one at 11:30 a.m., and one at 1:30 p.m. And just to show that they’re not kidding about this “Super Fan” business, they’re screening episodes of Golden Girls (but hopefully no Golden Palace); there will also be a photo booth and Golden Girls trivia—which should be extra-challenging for even the most ardent friend of Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose after one of their cocktails ($12 each).

Here’s what’s on the menu.


  • The Sophia: Hot pepper vodka and spicy house bloody mary mix
  • The Dorothy: Cucumber and lime vodka spritzer served in a very tall glass
  • The Rose: Rosè sangria with watermelon, lemon, agave and elderflower
  • The Blanche: “Boozy, naughty rum party punch”


“Thank You for Being a Friend” Turnovers
Peaches and cream, powdered sugar, bourbon glaze

“Back in St. Olaf…” Scrambled Eggs
With thick-cut peppered bacon, fresh fruit, home fries, and “Rose’s homemade breakfast bread.”

Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux (BED)’s Blue Corn & Blueberry Pancakes
With orange honey butter, vanilla custard, grilled chicken sausage

“Picture it, Sicily 1912” Hash
Smoked chicken and sweet potato hash, sunny eggs, bell peppers, corn relish, and “Sophia’s famous parmesan hollandaise.”

“Shady Pines, Ma!!!” Quesadilla
Duck chili quesadilla with two fried eggs, guacamole, “Dorothy’s secret pico de gallo recipe,” chipotle sour cream.

Golden Girls Cheesecake
Vanilla cheesecake, toasted walnut, apple crumbs

$35 per person; August 16, 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., Back Bay Harry’s, 142 Berkeley St., Boston, 617-424-6711,