Shake Shack Unveils Lobster Burger Only in New England

Here until September 20.

Shake Shack Lobster Burger

Photo courtesy Daniel Krieger

We New Englanders are persnickety about our lobster rolls—mayo, no mayo, light mayo, celery, no celery, hot, cold. So when an outsider restaurant chain comes along—say, McDonald’s—and hawks a lobster roll at any price point, we’re just a tad skeptical. Well, most of us are.

For just a dollar more than the pink-speckled pig slurry available at your friendly, neighborhood MacDos, you can grab a new, limited-edition lobster burger from Shake Shack.

The “Surf ‘N’ Shack” is topped with Maine lobster (supplied by Homarus), lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce—by the looks of it, the ShackSauce has replaced the mayo as the lobster’s dressing. The New York-based burger chain is only making these bad boys available in its Boston and Connecticut locations from August 17 until September 20, so grab ’em while they’re hot. Or cold. Or—I don’t know.