Best of the Day: ‘WHISK-y, Ramen, and Blues’ Dinner – August 21, 2015

Head to JP's Fazenda Cafe for an eclectic evening of whiskey, live music, and homemade ramen.

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Whisk’s Chefs Jeremy Kean and Philip Kruta

Whisk’s Chefs Jeremy Kean and Philip Kruta / Courtesy photo by Joe Greene

Pop-up restaurant concept Whisk, pioneered by chefs Jeremy Kean and Philip Kruta, is hosting a two-day “WHISK-y, Ramen, and Blues” dinner as part of their popular Supper Club series.

Kean and Kruta launched their comfort food and live music concept in July to introduce their new location at Fazenda Café as the full-time restaurant they envision it to become. The dinner—which will include live blues music from local musicians, flights of Japanese whiskey, and craft ramen—is Whisk’s third Supper Club event in their new space in Jamaica Plain.

In addition to ramen (your choice of wild mushroom ramen or duck ramen, for $15 a bowl), there’ll also be other dishes to nosh on throughout the night, each offered a la carte. A full tasting of the menu will cost $55 per person.

Diners can make reservations ahead of time or try their luck at a table by walking in from 6 to 11 p.m.

As a sneak peek, Kean tells us to expect a special drink made from the honey of Jamaica Plain bees: “I’ve got a little bit of mead that I made, and I’m going to serve up a mead cocktail,” he says.

The menu contains hyper-local ingredients—subject to change based on what’s available—but know that you can count on good drinks, soulful music, and creatively crafted food.

See for yourself. Here’s what’s on the menu:

Ben’s Wild Ramen
With tomato broth, wild sorrel, wild mushrooms, and sunflower butter

Aged Duck Ramen
With duck schmaltz, gochugaru confit, dinosaur kale, and black duck breast

Island Creek Oysters
With cucumber, raspberry, and wild onion

Roasted Oysters and Biscuits
With whipped apples, forager’s butter, nasturtium, and poppy

Watermelon and Thatcher Ricotta
With blue basil, husk tomato, and flowers

20 Day N.Y. Strip
With lion’s mane mushroom, preserved ramps, and Jay’s mead jus

$55 per person for full tasting menu, August 21, 6-11 p.m., Fazenda, 3710 Washington St., Jamaica Plain. For reservations, call or text 617-756-7571.