Best of the Day: Maine Sail Freight Dining Events – August 31, 2015

After docking in Boston Harbor, Maine Sail Freight brings farm-grown, schooner-borne wares to Cuisine En Locale, Trade, and more.

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Cuisine En Locale Poster

Cuisine En Locale Poster

This weekend, Maine Sail Freight brought us a time-traveling twist on locavorism, as Maine’s Greenhorns—a nonprofit group made up of “punky young agrarians”—hopped on a schooner and sailed to Boston, 19th-century style. In their cargo hold: 11 tons of locally produced goods, including jams, mustards, pickled veggies, goat pelts, honey and maple syrup, and heirloom beans.

You can buy Maine Sail Freight wares at the Harvard University farmers’ market on September 1, and at a special Boston Public Market stall on September 2.

But you can also get a taste of their goods at different dining events popping up in town.

Tonight, caterers extraordinaire Cuisine En Locale will host Maine Sail Freight at their Somerville event space, for a very special Taco Monday, which will be showcasing the Pine Tree State in taco form, from 5-10 p.m. In addition to the chow, they’re also serving up a roundtable discussion about the New England food economy featuring Cuisine En Locale’s JJ Gonson, Greenhorns founder Severine von Tscharner Fleming, Maine food entrepreneur Marada Cook (of Northern Girl, Fiddler’s Green Farm, and Crown of Maine Organic), and Metro Pedal Power founder Wenzday Jane.

Then, starting September 10, diners can head to Trade for “a featured set of Maine Sail ingredients in the already impeccably sourced menu” of restaurateur Jody Adams. The Maine Sail Freight menu—which includes a pork and white bean soup with collard greens and corn bread croutons, with both the white beans and the cornmeal coming from Maine Sail Freight—will be available throughout September.

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