Have a Drink, and How ‘Bout a Shave? Saloon Hosts Razors Barbershop and Johnnie Walker

It's five o'clock shadow somewhere.


Razors Barbershop

Razors Barbershop owner Anthony Berriola in action. Courtesy of Razors Barbershop

There’s a retro event coming up later this month at a speakeasy in Davis Square, but ladies, don’t worry about ironing your fringed flapper frock just yet. This one’s mainly for the guys.

On Sunday, Oct. 25, master barbers Anthony and Joseph Berriola of Razors Barbershop are taking straight razor shave appointments from 6 – 9:40 p.m. at Saloon. That’s right: Bring your five o’clock shadow—or full-on, weekend beard, as the case may be—and head into Monday smoother and way more relaxed. It’s a warm lather shave, after all.

Shaves + Sips is sponsored by Johnnie Walker, and bar manager Derek McCusker will create some signature cocktails. The folks at Saloon suggest guests have a drink before or after their shave appointments, for reasons that should be obvious. The barber chairs will be set up in an alcove off the bar area that Saloon commonly uses for private events, manager Geoff Thompson said, and there won’t be any food or drink served in there that night. He promises any stray hairs will be contained by the barbers’ towels and smocks.

The classic service starts with the smoothing of Razors’ pre-shave cream and a damp, hot towel on your prickly face. While you lie back in end-of-weekend reverie, one of the Berriola brothers will mix up warm lather the traditional way, then brush it onto your mug. (Your face, not your beverage.) Carefully—you’re the one who had a drink, not your barber—he’ll shave your stubble with a straight razor, then wrap your new baby-face in another warm towel. Get a little face massage as the barber applies the post-shave cream, then closes up your pores with a cold towel. Get cleaned up and you’ll be on your way, looking fresh to death.

Err, just fresh, actually. This isn’t Sweeney Todd.

A $40 ticket gets you a 20-minute appointment with one of the brothers, one Johnnie Walker cocktail or pour of choice, plus one of Saloon’s appetizers. Make sure you offer to share your order of Devils on Horseback (feta-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon with a balsamic reduction); grilled bratwurst; or Saloon street corn with your lady; she was ever-so-patient as you indulged in the barber’s seat, and she took a rad photo for your Instagram.

$40, Sunday, October 25, 6 – 10 p.m., Saloon, 255 Elm St., Somerville. For more info and tickets, go to eventbrite.com.