Who Didn’t Make Our Best New Restaurants List

There's always 2016.

Three of the most highly anticipated restaurant debuts, helmed by some of the East Coast’s best talent, stumbled out of the gate. Whether plagued by hubris, unfamiliar terrain, or lack of focus, these high-profile chefs left us wanting. Thankfully, there’s always 2016.

not on boston best restaurants list


Über-talented chef and overall gastronomic sponge Matt Jennings muddied his New England-revival concept with trendy influences from outside the region. We wish he’d sharpen his sights.

not on boston best restaurants list

Bar Boulud

Global heavy-hitter Daniel Boulud seems to have walked away from his Boston outpost far too soon. The result: muted food and inconsistent service. Monsieur Boulud, please finish what you started.

not on boston best restaurants list


Dave Becker halfheartedly jumped on the eastern Mediterranean bandwagon, with predictably lackluster results. Amateurish service and a disturbingly loud dining room don’t help, either.


Photographs by David Salafia (jennings, becker); PRNewsFoto/The Dalmore/ap (boulud)

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