Pho Pasteur Plans Quincy Expansion

One of Chinatown's abiding Vietnamese restaurants is opening a second outpost.

Fans of pho south of Boston will be happy to learn the family behind Pho Pasteur, a noodle house on Washington Street, is taking steps to open a second outpost in Quincy.

Sau Cai is slated to appear before the Quincy licensing commission tomorrow evening to open up a restaurant at 1412 Hancock St. The business’ website targets winter 2015 for the expansion, pending approval from the southern city.

The Cai family opened Pho Pasteur in Chinatown in 1991. Huge and steaming bowls of pho, fresh bùn, and heaping plates of cðm dia populate the original’s menu, along with chewy-crunchy spring rolls, Vietnamese pancakes, yellow noodles, and a plethora of thick, fruit shakes; salty sodas, and sweet coffees and teas.

Boston has reached out to the Pho Pasteur family about what to expect from its expansion into Quincy.

Pho Pasteur, 682 Washington St., Chinatown, Boston; 617-482-7467 or