Check Out the Branch Line Lunch Menu

Dip your Iggy's crust in a side of rotisserie drippings.

Branch Line

Branch Line, Photo By Melissa Ostrow

Branch Line, tucked inside the uniform brick buildings of the Arsenal on the Charles, has debuted its lunch menu, much to the joy of the 1,700 (and counting) Athenahealth employees and hundreds of other businesspeople who work in the complex and greater Watertown.

The first joint venture of longtime Eastern Standard general manager Andrew Holden and restaurateur Garrett Harker, Branch Line showcases its signature, Green Circle rotisserie chicken in a chopped salad, a soup, and on its own; and the decadent drippings can soften the crusts of any of the Iggy’s Bread sandwiches for an extra $2. Holden is especially proud to offer the hearty loaves; the Watertown native’s high school job was with the pioneering bread company, then based in his hometown.

The full menu, shared below, is available Monday-Friday from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Branch Line Lunch