Five Things Sam Treadway Loves

The co-owner at Backbar and Ames Street Deli, shares his favorite places in Boston.

Want to know where the pros go? We’re asking Best of Boston winners to divulge their favorite places in Boston. Below, Sam Treadway, co-owner at Backbar and Ames Street Deli, shares his picks.

Sam Treadway

Sam Treadway / Courtesy photo

The Butcher Shop
at lunch

“Eating their amazing burger (my favorite in the city), sipping on a glass of wine or a dark beer, and watching out the window at all sorts of people going to and fro is a pretty perfect experience.”

552 Tremont St., Boston, 617-423-4800,

AMC Assembly Row 12

“This new theater has fully reclineable seats with chilled cup holders to keep your beer cold. (That’s not a typo…they have a bar in the theater, and you can bring beers into movie with you!)”

395 Artisan Way, Somerville, 617-440-4192,

This One Willow Tree on Boston Common

“It’s just far enough from the swan boats so it’s not too crowded, and it’s a perfect nook to read a book and relax.”

139 Tremont St., Boston,

Row 34

“Perfect spot for oysters and lobster rolls and beer and crudo and wine and and and… everything! Truly a great restaurant experience all around.”

383 Congress St., Boston, 617-553-5900,

Seat 1801 at Drink

“No one except those who have worked there will know the seat numbers, but seat 1801 is all the way in the corner. From there you get a view of the whole bar, you get personalized service from the bartender rocking the ice block…gosh, I’m getting thirsty just thinking about the Sazerac I’d be enjoying in that spot!”

348 Congress St., Boston, 617-695-1806,


Any of the Beautiful Rooms at the Liberty Hotel

“It’s my go to spot for a stay-cation to relax and enjoy champagne as I look out over the city and the Charles.”

215 Charles St., Boston, 617-224-4000,