Watch Rob Gronkowski Brine a Turkey in Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee

Chef Gronk certainly has confidence in the kitchen.

Rob Gronkowski

Dunksgiving assistant chef Rob Gronkowski / Via YouTube

New England Patriots tight-end, prolific brand ambassador and pitchman, and preeminent man-child Rob Gronkowski can also add “official assistant chef” to his list of many talents. The caffeine company has brought on Chef Gronk to help Dunkin’ Brands executive chef Jeff Miller get ready for the third annual Dunksgiving.

Despite telling Miller his culinary experience is pretty much limited to making “the most tasty meals at 2 a.m. ever” while in college, Gronk boasts like he runs a Michelin-starred kitchen. “We don’t even need a measuring cup, that’s how good we are,” he says, as he pours the coffee from a Box O’ Joe to start his brine.

Other highlights include his astute assessment of rosemary—”it smells like Christmas”—and watching him handle the raw bird, which is “slippery when wet.”

The full video debuted online on November 19, along with other recipe videos the Dunks culinary team shared on social media throughout the day. Check out a teaser below.

UPDATE, November 25: This post has been updated with a link to the full-length Dunksgiving video with Rob Gronkowski.