Shojo Debuts a Sexy Private Events Space

The Chinatown spot could be your new celebration destination.

Shojo Boston

The private dining room at Shojo. / Photo provided

If your holiday parties need more Wu Tang tiger-style ribs, Shadowless duck fat fries, graffiti art, and sake, pay attention: Shojo has unveiled a brand new private events space. With its own, full bar; dark wooden flooring, a sexy, permanent mural, and a rotating gallery wall, the Shojo Private Room at China Pearl is now available for event rentals.

“We do get a lot of requests for private functions, where we didn’t want to give people a portion of the dining room, but a dedicated space with a special feel they could customize,” said co-owner Brian Moy.

His family is also behind the dim sum standby located above Shojo. “You actually go into the China Pearl entrance to get [there]. We have a secret door that allows people to get upstairs directly. Shojo, for us, is a very fun space. We wanted to make [the private room] more special, and we had to think creatively to work within the building.”

The space takes over about 1,000 square feet on the third floor. China Pearl previously spanned the entire second, third, and fourth floors, and its remaining space on the third floor is being renovated and will be under construction through next year, Moy said.

Shojo’s new room is more hidden and glamorous in feeling than the main dining area, but the overarching vibe of the restaurant will be retained. The Shojo team again worked with muralist Alec Strickland to depict the new concept in a wall-sized work of art. The silvery scene shows an MBTA train speeding underneath a block of Boston, representing the “underground” feeling. A lady in the center of the piece is painted with a finer attention to detail: “Like the room, she’s bit more refined, but [the painting] still maintains the left side: It’s street and edgy,” Moy explained.

“To the right of her is the highway and her hair, which represents that we’re working on new project and moving forward.” Moy declined to share further details about any new project—beyond the private room—at this time.

Shojo Boston

Shepard Fairey artwork currently hangs in Shojo’s private room. / Photo provided

Across from the permanent Strickland piece is currently a 23-foot Shepard Fairey work. Shojo has entered a partnership with art brokerage firm KC Arts, helping it bring artists to Boston. “We started with our own building. Two pieces are going up on the outside of our building, and we’re utilizing this private room space to display visiting artists and local artists as well,” Moy said. “Shojo is about food and drink, of course, but it’s also focused on music, arts, and culture.”

The Fairey piece is heading down to Miami Beach with the Shojo crew early next month for Art Basel, Moy said. During the long weekend in Miami Beach, Shojo is partnering with KC Arts to cater events. After the festival, the Fairey will return to the private room, before they install a show by Alec Monopoly.

“Of course, the colors, music, and food make the private room feel like Shojo, but it’s really the artwork that brings the whole space together,” Moy said.

Since October, the new space has hosted a handful of buffet-style and passed appetizer events. It can accommodate up to 80 guests, Moy said. Chef Mark O’Leary and bar manager Markus Yao have worked with clients to create menus to fit their vibe—from variations on Shojo’s regular-menu items, to an entirely Jameson Irish Whiskey-spiked cocktail list. “Mark and Markus have been able to stretch their specialities and be more creative,” Moy said. “Every menu we have done up here has been totally customized.”

The Shojo private room at China Pearl is now accepting holiday reservations. Inquire about the space online or visit Shojo for a tour.

Shojo, 9A Tyler St, Boston; 617-423 7888 or