A Golden Oyster Could Be Your Ticket to Paradise This Summer

Island Creek Oysters will ship out two brilliant bivalves later this month, and if you find them, get ready to channel your inner Charlie Bucket.

Island Creek Oysters

Island Creek Oysters’ C.J. Husk as a salty Willy Wonka. / Photo by Michael Piazza

Island Creek Oysters have already made this season a little more festive by opening a retail shop on Newbury Street, but the Duxbury farmers are taking holiday brightness to another level. The company is packaging two golden oysters along with some holiday orders later this month, and the resplendent shellfish will be some lucky shuckers’ ticket to a weekend of salty splendor, including dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar and a lobster bake at ICO founder Skip Bennett’s beach cabin.

In a video premiered by Food & Wine this afternoon, “oyster dude” C.J. Husk, donning a velveteen jacket à la Willy Wonka, pulls a golden-painted oyster from the bib of his Oompah Loompah-orange waders and packages it along with a 100-count bag of oysters. We can assume this is a dramatization, as the contest indicates the stacked sacks will ship out December 21.

Check out the video below: