Five Things Patrick Gaggiano Loves

The star bartender at Brick & Mortar and Central Kitchen shares his top picks.

Want to know where the pros go? We’re asking Best of Boston winners to divulge their five favorite places in Boston. Below, star bartender Patrick Gaggiano, now at Brick & Mortar and Central Kitchen, shares his picks.

Patrick Gaggiano

Patrick Gaggiano / Photograph by Webb Chappell

Stanza Dei Sigari

“This place is classic—every time I’m in the North End, I make it here. It’s this timeless basement that has awesome cigars and great brown spirits. Leather couches and Italian guys talking about God knows what, always a Boston-based sport on the TV. This is the place we all wished our basement was.”

Stanza Dei Sigari, 292 Hanover St., Boston, 617-227-0295,

The Landing at Long Wharf

“This is my guilty pleasure spot, right on the water outside by the Aquarium. It’s this spot where beers come in buckets, blenders are always on, and country is blasting. Right in my wheelhouse: You can watch all the boats come in and grab a suntan—if I was capable of getting one of those.”

The Landing at Long Wharf, One Long Wharf, Boston, 617-227-4321,

Lone Star Taco Bar

“This new spot [in Cambridge] for this company is my favorite. Solid great food served late. Killer mezcal selection, cold beers—it’s perfect. Anytime you go in there, someone you love is behind the bar. Definitely feels like the neighborhood local, but with better food and drinks.”

Lone Star Taco Bar, 635 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 857-285-6179,

Bogie’s Place, inside JM Curley

“This spot is the one where I go for birthdays, anniversaries, big life moment stuff. It’s the perfect Boston steak house—secluded, killer steaks, perfect menu. Everything here is great. Wine list is out of this world, and drinks are stiff. You feel like you’re living inside a Sinatra song when you go here. Makes me swap my flannel for a suit jacket every time and never disappoints.”

JM Curley, 21 Temple Place, Boston, 617-338-5333,

Loretta’s Last Call

“Anyone who knows me knows this is my happy place. Always the spot I call out when a group is asking where to go. I love it—honky-tonk bar that has killer live music, cold beers, and line dancing. This is where I do rounds of Fireball and Coors Light. This is where anyone who I bring here looks at me sideways, then gets here and can’t wipe the smile off their face. Try to go here and not be happy. Can’t happen. Guaranteed. Practice your yeehaws.”

Loretta’s Last Call, 1 Lansdowne St., Boston, 617-421-9595,

Eastern Standard

“I was going back and forth about putting ES on here because I know that everyone already has this place in mind. There’s no one in the industry here in Boston that doesn’t have an ES story up their sleeve or a page out of their playbook in their back pocket. This place has single-handedly influenced damn near every person in the restaurant/bar industry in a positive way. It’s honestly a home away from home: where I go for last call, for wine night, with my parents, for lunch, to see friends. It’s the first spot I ever stepped foot into when I first came to Boston, and it’s the spot I’m continuously impressed by. It is literally the standard—oh wait, I get it now. Nice naming.”

Eastern Standard, 528 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-532-9100,