The New Coffee Essentials

Ditch the drip with these freshly brewed twists on the morning ritual.

coffee essentials 1

Photograph by Christopher Garcia

Cafflano All-in-One

This Swiss Army knife of a mug—complete with a hand-mill grinder, kettle, and filter—produces professional-grade coffee anywhere, even on the go.


coffee essentials 2

Photograph by Christopher Garcia

Hotbox Roasters Coffee

This offshoot of Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewery packs beans in aluminum cans to keep them fresher, even months after their roasting date.

$15–$20, (soon to be in all Whole Foods locations).

coffee essentials 3

Photograph by Sarah Fisher

Pour-Over Kettle

Like a painter’s brush, the gooseneck spout facilitates exacting pours—a necessity for the perfect morning cup.

$58, Boston General Store.

coffee essentials 4

Photograph by Sarah Fisher

Hario Iced Coffeemaker

Make iced java in a single step with Hario’s double-walled carafe: The classic pour-over setup allows coffee to drip slowly and evenly into an ice-filled vessel.

$40, Boston General Store.

coffee essentials 5

Photograph by Christopher Garcia

Bacon-and-Coffee Doughnut

A riff on the maple-bacon doughnut, this brioche pastry comes topped with local-coffee glaze and house-smoked bacon.

$3 each, Blackbird Doughnuts.

— Plus —


If the thought of coffee liqueurs summons the Dude’s White Russians, consider these craft-distilled bottlings, brewed with beans sourced from small-batch roasters. Here, three favorites to bolster a cocktail, by which anyone can abide.

coffee essentials 6

Seymour’s Local Roast Coffee Liqueur
Boston Harbor Distillery

This thoroughly New England spirit blends Barrington coffee, Vermont maple syrup, and unaged Putnam rye for a surprisingly bold finish.

$40 for a 750 ml. bottle, Cambridge Spirits.

Perc Fresh Brewed Coffee Liqueur
Saxton River Distillery

The cold-brew base, derived from locally roasted beans, offers a semisweet foil to any bourbon-based drink.

$35 for a 750 ml. bottle, Huntington Wine & Spirits.

NOLA Coffee Liqueur
St. George Spirits

A love letter to New Orleans’ coffee, St. George’s notes of vanilla and chicory add a sweet and spicy kick ideal for milk punch.

$35 for a 750 ml. bottle, Ball Square Fine Wines.


Coffee Bitters
Berkshire Mountain Distillers

Perk up a Manhattan with these small-batch bitters, brewed at the Berkshires’ first distillery.

$13 for a 200 ml. bottle, Barrington Coffee Roasting Company.