Anti-Valentine’s Day Events in Boston 2016

Heart feeling neglected? Focus instead on your stomach's content with these singles-friendly food events.


Broken Heart Cookie Photo via Shutterstock

Sick of all the lovey-dovey? Consider these anti-Valentine’s Day food events. (We’ll continue adding to this list as new specials are shared.) Feeling the love? Here are the more romantic dinner and brunch specials around town.

Area Four

Area Four will host their annual “Haters Valentine’s Day” once again this year. Chef Jeff Pond will cook up spicy pizza with arrabiata “angry” sauce, skewered chicken hearts, and gingerbread-person style cookies that patrons can decorate a la voodoo dolls. Emo tunes and sad movies will be the accompaniment here, so if you want to engage in a mockery of the Hallmark holiday, Area Four is the place to be.

500 Technology Square, Cambridge, 617-758-4444,

Bukowski Tavern

Nothing could be further from a romantic candlelit dinner. At Bukowski Tavern, engage in a “Love Is a Dog from Hell” hotdog special night, as chef Brian Poe takes inspiration from the Charles Bukowski book of poems of the same name. Three days of specials await, including the “Six-Foot Goddess”—a footlong hot dog topped with cilantro Green Goddess dressing, Texas chili, and cheese; the “Artist,” a “grate art” dog in a taco shell, and“Ashes,” a hot dog topped with juniper-smoked charcoal aioli. And of course, there will be beer—“river and seas of beer,” as Bukowski likes to say.

February 12-14, 1281 Cambridge St., Boston, 617-497-7077,

The Independent

If you’re feeling cynical about Valentine’s Day this year, head to the Independent for their My Sour Valentine Brunch. Stray away from romantic shared bottles of wine and champagne and indulge instead into another common affection: beer. The bar team will tap kegs, pop caps, and flick the tabs on an array of sour beers, like the Smoked Peach Short Weisse and Evil Twin Brewing James Beer. The variety will sure to have something up your alley. Fill up with sweet and sour goods from the Indo’s signature brunch menu including Housemade Maple Donuts, Croque Monsieur with crisp hot ham, gruyère, béchamel, fried egg, Iggy’s sourdough and mesclun greens, and grilled grapefruit with a honey drizzle.

February 14, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., 75 Union Square, Somerville, 617-440-6022,

South Street Diner

If you’re not being wined and dined, head to the South Street Diner instead for their Anti-Valentine’s Day party. Drink some “broken heart” punch and treat yourself to unlimited “broken heart” pancakes. Wallow with others—hey, misery loves company—then leave in a better mood thanks to unlimited pancakes.

February 12, 5-10 p.m., 178 Kneeland St., Boston, 617-350-0028,