The Bacon Truck and Harpoon Brewery Team Up With a Bacon Beer

Twenty pounds of smoked bacon was tossed into the kettle this morning.

Did somebody say bacon beer? Yes, the Bacon Truck did. The gloriously swine-savvy food truck founders, Sam Williams and J.J. Frosk, brought 20 pounds of applewood-smoked bacon to Harpoon Brewery this morning to make a joint brew.

Aside from the obvious benefits of cross-promotion with a company like Harpoon, it’s fun for us to collaborate with different businesses throughout the city and to see how bacon can work its way into their concept,” Williams says.

His food truck showcases pork’s ultimate realization in a variety of sandwiches and specials, like Nutella-coated bacon and bacon mac and cheese bites. Before the Bacon Truck hit the road, Williams was a pretzel maker at the Seaport beer hall. He has actually made a bacon beer with his former employers before, but that brew, a dark-bodied bacon bock, with a caramel, malty profile, wasn’t released to the public, Williams says.

Harpoon doesn’t share details about X-Night brews prior to their debut, but the team said to expect a rich and smoky beer.

It’s going to pack a punch; hopefully it will be delicious,” Williams says.

Harpoon X-Night is in its third year. Sometimes, the feedback of the 300 ticket holders in the beer hall can lead to a wider release. “You never know,” says Liz Melby, Harpoon’s director of communications. “People love bacon, and people love beer.”

Williams also thinks it’s a stellar match: “What we’ve found in the past is bacon and beer, the pairing goes hand in hand,” he says. “Whenever we’ve done events with beer present, the truck does really well.”

Tickets for the March 16 X-Night go on sale Tuesday, March 1 at 11 a.m.