Forge Ice Cream Bar to Open This Spring Next Door to Somerville Bakery

Forge Baking Co. is overhauling its savory menu, too.

Forge Ice Cream Bar logo

Forge Ice Cream Bar logo provided

Jennifer Park and Tucker Lewis are behind a burgeoning empire of Somerville cafés: Diesel in Davis Square, Union Square’s Bloc 11, and the newest, Forge Baking Co.

Late this spring, add an ice cream shop to the list: Forge Ice Cream Bar is slated to open next door to the Somerville Avenue café.

“The space will feel like an extension to the bakery,” says Park, who announced the latest expansion in a letter on social media last night. (Though Eater Boston noted the plans were in the works back in the fall.)

It will have its own entrance, in between the original Forge and Chow N Joy.

“We are hoping to incite the feel of a vintage ice cream shop, with an antique, revitalized dipping cabinet​, ​soda fountain, [and]​ vintage stools​,” Park says. Construction started late last year. Roughly 800 square feet, Forge Ice Cream Bar will have seating for about 20 people.

Park and Lewis met “20 years ago almost to date,” while both were employees at the late, great Herrell’s Ice Cream in Harvard Square. The duo is inspired by their own love for ice cream; Park says they eat a scoop almost every day, “despite cold New England weather.”

They’ll also spearhead the ice cream-making. “Look for great versions of classic flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, strawberry, malted vanilla, and cookie dough, made from the bakery,” Park says. Expect eight flavors on any given day, and “fun items such as spin-offs on treats like Choco Tacos, all made in-house at Forge Baking Company and Forge Ice Cream Bar.”

Forge Baking Co.

Forge Baking Co. and the forthcoming Ice Cream Bar next door, seen from Somerville Ave. / Photo via Facebook

Since Forge opened with breakfast and lunch (and early dinner) in fall 2014, it has broadened its offerings to include savory hand pies, house-made pizza, and rotating pastry and bread specials. For the past year, the bakery has also provided the treats at Diesel and Bloc 11.

On Monday, March 7, Forge debuts new savory items, its first major menu overhaul. Park shared the new menu below:


Grits: Plain, plus daily sweet and savory options

Egg and Cheddar on a Forge English muffin

Egg and Cheese with maple butter, bacon, egg, and gruyere on an English muffin

Egg and Cheese with pesto, roasted tomato, and cheddar on a Forge honey wheat roll

Bread Plate:  Three pieces of thickly-sliced bread with jam, house-made chocolate hazelnut spread, butter, and fresh fruit.


Locally-Made Fresh Mozzarella, basil and pistachio pesto, roasted onions, roasted tomato, and greens on baguette.

Red Hummus (roasted red peppers and red lentils), tomato, carrot, cucumber, sprouts, greens, green yogurt on Forge country sourdough.

House-Made Root Veggie Burger with barbecue mayo or house-made mustard, pickles, tomato, roasted onion, romaine, add cheese or avocado, on ahoney wheat roll.

Picnic Sandwich with ham, cheese, and maple butter on a baguette.

Avocado and Bacon with romaine, roasted tomato, barbecue mayo, add turkey, on country sourdough.

Chicken Salad with roasted tomato, roasted onion, sprouts, and greens on whole wheat.

Turkey Reuben with gruyere, house-made mustard and sauerkraut on rye.


 Grain bowl with assorted chopped vegetables, avocado, choice of chicken, turkey, or veggie burger, with roasted lemon vinaigrette,

Cobb Salad with romaine, bacon, turkey, cheese cubes, hard-boiled tea egg, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrots, and ginger tahini dressing.

Greens and Red Hummus with avocado, chickpeas, carrots, roasted tomato, and lemon vinaigrette.

Panzanella with romaine, shaved parmesan, and house-made panzanella salad.

Grab and Go 

House-Made Granola and Yogurt Parfait

Hard-Boiled Tea Egg

Fresh Fruit

Soba Noodle Bowl with scallion, cold roasted veggies, and ginger miso dressing.

Udon Noodle Bowl with red peppers, pickled carrot, scallions, and peanut sauce.

Forge Baking Co., 626A Somerville Ave., Somerville;