Watch Kristen Kish & Justin Trudeau Share a Canadian Meal

The once and future Bostonian and Top Chef winner stars in a new tourism ad for Destination Canada.

Destination Canada video still

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and chef Kristen Kish dine at Chuck Hughes’ Garde-Manger for a Destination Canada video shoot in 2016. / Photo provided

If you want to watch two beautiful people discuss travel and culture over a rustic yet elegant seafood dish, you could make a reservation at pretty much any restaurant on our 50 Best list. Or, you could watch Canada’s newest tourism ad.

Kristen Kish sat down with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau at Garde Manger, the Old Montréal restaurant that put chef Chuck Hughes on the map. Hughes, who also co-owns Le Brenmer, stars in the Canadian cooking show Chuck’s Day Off and its travel-focused spinoffs. He also once beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America, becoming the youngest Canadian chef to win that show.

Kish, of course, moved to Boston a decade ago and worked for the Barbara Lynch Gruppo, winning Top Chef season 10 while chef de cuisine at Menton. She recently announced she’s opening her first restaurant in Charleston, S.C., with Brooks Reitz and Neighborhood hospitality. But once she moves, she’ll keep one foot in Boston, as a food and travel influencer with W Boston Hotel.

In the video, Hughes personally prepares a Korean-spiced seafood dish for the duo to share.

“I kept it really lo-fi, [to] just taste the crab,” the chef says. He conspicuously nods at the Korean-born, Michigan-raised Kish when he tells her about the spice, and he notes the crab is fresh from Baei-Comeau, Quebec.

The dinner date is part of a new, three-year, Destination Canada tourism campaign. Kish asks Trudeau questions about the fare in Vancouver, say, and how to find hidden gems across the vast country.

“Make sure you combine a little bit of city and countryside. You can’t totally get Canada unless you play with both,” Trudeau says.

The world listens, and Kish takes a selfie.

Watch the full video below.