Dunkin’ Donuts Adds Classic Candy-Flavored Coffees

Beginning May 30, you can add a shot of Almond Joy or Heath Bar to your summertime pick-me-up.

Dunkin' Donuts Almond Joy

Dunkin’ Donuts Almondy Joy iced coffee is around for the summer. / Photo provided

Dunkin’ Donuts long ago proved coconut adds a nutty sweetness to its signature coffee roasts, and this summer, the Canton company is taking it to another level with the distinctive addition of almond and chocolate. Beginning Monday, Almond Joy, along with Heath Bar, are joining the lineup of flavor shots at the coffee shop’s ever-growing number of locations. The company also announced its Butter Pecan ice cream flavor is sticking around for the summer.

Dunks also introducing a new line of Fruited Teas, exclusively at New England locations. Boston.com reports Mango Pineapple and Blackberry varieties will blend green or black tea, fruit juice, and fresh fruit.

Both the Hershey’s candy-flavored coffees and the Fruited Teas will be sampled at this weekend’s Boston Calling festival, in case you need a break from the Mikkeller and Sam Adams beer garden.

Dunkin’ Donuts has eight year-round flavors, from hazelnut and French vanilla to raspberry and blueberry, that can be added to any of their hot or cold coffee drinks. The chain also periodically offers limited-edition ice cream flavors inspired by its sister brand, Baskin Robbins, and other classic snackfoods, like Oreo.

Almond Joy and Heath Bar add 20-40 grams of sugar to a drink, depending on its size, and an extra 100-200 calories—similar to if you actually ate the namesake candy bar.