Chef David Bazirgan Is Returning to Boston

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….and then #Boston’s food scene got even MORE rad. Welcome home, @bazsf. So psyched for you, your family and our fair city. Big love. #movingbackhome #sorrySF

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David Bazirgan has about two weeks to come up with a new Twitter handle. The executive chef and general manager at San Francisco’s Dirty Habit—@bazsf online—announced tonight he’s headed home to Boston.

It’s been a great run in a great city. Proud to be a part of this…

— david bazirgan (@bazsf) June 8, 2016

“The move is really family driven—all my family is back there,” he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bazirgan is a Newburyport native, and he started his career in Boston after graduating from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. He cooked in fine dining kitchens around the city, including the now-closed Olives and Galleria Italiana. He was a mentee of Barbara Lynch, and before he left for San Francisco in 2003, he was chef de cuisine at No. 9 Park.

He has several entries on his San Francisco resume, too. In 2005, Bazirgan earned a SF Chronicle Rising Star nod for his French-Mediterranean style. He was executive chef at Fifth Floor when “one of SF’s most legendary launching pads for chefs” shuttered and changed concepts into a food lover’s bar, Dirty Habit, in 2013.

“I’ll miss so many things. Being a chef out here is just amazing: The culture, the produce, the weather, the weather,” Bazirgan told the Chronicle.

Don’t worry, Chef! As you know, Boston has great culture and produce, too. Good call on moving in June.

Bazirgan’s last day at Dirty Habit is June 24, and on July 1, he’s cooking alongside chef Louis DiBiccari at the Tavern Road Chef’s Studio. The menu is forthcoming, and the theme of the “extra special Chef’s Studio dinner” is Coast to Coast.

Chef’s Studio: Coast to Coast with David Bazirgan, $65, July 1, 7-10 p.m., Tavern Road, 343 Congress St., Boston, Eventbrite.

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