L’Espalier, Asta Pastry Chefs Launch Whimsical Pop-Up, Jerika’s Bakeshop

Get ready for peach buns, "corn off the cob," and Boston baked beans ice cream.

Jerika's Bakeshop

L’Espalier alumni and Asta pastry chefs Erika Chan and Jared Bacheller of Jerika’s Bakeshop. / Photo by Rebekah Jackson

Fine dining has been good to Jared Bacheller: He rose to lead pastry chef at Boston institution L’Espalier, and in 2014, Food & Wine took notice of his cheery, scientifically-driven, and delicious creations.

Bacheller left the Mandarin Hotel restaurant just about two weeks ago and has joined Alex Crabb’s whimsical, innovate tasting menu restaurant, Asta. Now, the award-winning confectioner is flexing his culinary muscles even further, with a creative, low-pressure side project, Jerika’s Bakeshop.

Along with Erika Chan, a fellow L’Espalier alum and current Asta cohort, Jerika’s Bakeshop debuts with a pop-up at the Boston Public Market July 10.

“Like my work at L’espalier the items will include locally sourced ingredients with new and playful interpretations of baked goods,” he says. That means treats like an inside-out blueberry jelly roll tart, a macaron salad, and baked beans ice cream.

“We want to combine fine dining principles and local seasonal ingredients in a fun bakeshop setting,” Bacheller says.

At this time, the duo is planning only pop-ups, not a brick-and-mortar bakery of their own. “This is just an exciting way for us to express our creativity outside of a fine dining environment,” Bacheller says.

Catch the first event next month, followed by an ice cream pop-up at Rancatore’s temporary Chestnut Hill storefront. Jerika’s Bakeshop has “many more” events planned this summer, Bacheller says, so keep an eye on Instagram for details.

In the meantime, tempt your sweet tooth with these menus:

Jerika’s Bakeshop at the Boston Public Market

Blubelly Jelly Roll: An inside-out blueberry jelly roll tart filled with blueberry jam
Peach Buns: cinnamon morning bun swirled with peach jam
Corn Off the Cob: cornbread with cultured butter and black pepper husk
Strawberry Scolovant: lemon thyme scone filled with local strawberry jam
Salad of Macarons: sweet pea, beet, and carrot macarons with assorted delicious fillings
Lemon Verbena Poppyseed Muffin: enough said

Jerika’s Bakeshop ice cream flavors for Rancatore’s Pop-Up:

Butterscotch and Beemster aged Gouda cheese
Lemon thyme peach cobbler
Chocolate cured olive
New England baked beans
Chocolate malted hazelnut
Potato and chocolate chip

Jerika’s Bakeshop pop-up at the Boston Public Market, Sunday, July 10, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., 100 Hanover St., Boston, Instagram.