The Breakdown: Little Donkey’s Plateaux de Fruits de Mer

You'll be able to indulge in this seafood tower when they open July 18.

little donkey seafood platter

Photograph by Nina Gallant


 King crab with Louis dressing
• Percebes (a.k.a. goose barnacles) in Old Bay mayo
 Live uni
 Razor clams meunière


 A blend of ikura (salmon roe), wasabi, and garlic soy sauce
 Mexican shrimp cocktail
 Snow crab basted in drawn butter
 Tuna poke studded with bean sprouts and Fresno chilies
 Live scallop dressed with white soy and Chinese chive blossom


 Local oysters and littleneck clams on the half shell

For their latest restaurant, Little Donkey, Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette (Toro, Coppa) let the neighborhood dictate the concept. “We love the ethnic diversity of Central Square,” Oringer says. “You have people here from everywhere. There’s a Korean market next to an Indian market next to a farmers’ market. Just walking the streets motivated what we wanted to do.”

That multiculti mishmash inspired Oringer and Bissonnette to whip up a global goulash where nothing is off-limits, whether it’s ramen with matzo balls, biryani paired with monkfish, or a New England clam roll reinvented as a Baja-style torta.

But it’s not just seafood or international flavors they’re banking on: Named after the unheralded “workhorse” of the animal kingdom, Little Donkey caters to all demographics passing through Central Square—offering everything from Jersey pork-roll sandwiches for early-morning commuters to plateaux de fruits de mer for corporate power lunchers.

505 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-945-1008.